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  1. 8ToGo certifies that the fact of registration together means the fact that the client will receive information notices together with those, which are needed for the order and delivery of the products.
  2. Upon the order of the products, there must be personal information of the client provided, such as name, surname, address, to which there will be the products delivered to; telephone number; and other information necessary for the delivery. 8ToGo certifies that such information will be exclusively used to the purpose of the order and delivery of the products. 8ToGo undertakes to not disclose such information to the third parties, except 8ToGo partners, providing the delivery of products or other services related to the provision of the client order or the performance. Any other exclusions of the disclosure of the personal client in formation to the third parties are to be discussed with the client. In any other cases, any other personal client information may be disclosed in cases provided in the legislature of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. The client, by registering in 8ToGo store and ordering products, undertakes to preserve and do not disclose the signing information. Together the client certifies that he or she is an adult and has a right to order the products in 8ToGo store. In case, if the client discloses his/her signing information, 8ToGo is to be exempt from any related responsibility.
  4. The client, by acknowledging with the rules, approves that he /she is informed of the fact that at the time of browsing in 8ToGo online store, there will be cookies temporarily stored on his/ her computer (Files, sent from the internet server).
  5. 8ToGo approves that it aims to use the most advanced technologies for the protection of the client personal information.

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