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I. General provisions

1. The rules of 8ToGo online shop apply for purchases on 8ToGo shop, which you can find on the Internet on

2. 8ToGo can change the rules at its own discretion and without prior notice. Customers shopping online are subject to the rules in force at the time of order placement (specified next to the order).

3. If customers do not confirm that they are familiar with the shop rules, they cannot place orders on 8ToGo. In all cases, it is assumed that the customer is familiar with the shop rules and agrees with them if before ordering the items he confirms it by clicking “I agree”. If the customer does not agree with the rules in full or in part, he must not place his order. Otherwise, it shall be assumed that the customer is familiar with, and unconditionally accepts the shop rules.

4. 8ToGo takes no responsibility for losses in the customer disregards the shop’s commendations and his own commitments, or was not familiar with the shop rules, although he has been offered such opportunity.

II. Privacy policy

1. 8ToGo confirms that signing up also means that customers will be sent information notices together with messages necessary for ordering and delivery of items.

2. When ordering items, customers must indicate personal details necessary for the delivery of items: full name, address for delivery, telephone number and other details necessary for delivery. 8ToGo confirms that these details will be used exceptionally for item ordering and delivery purposes. 8ToGo undertakes not to disclose such information to third parties, except for the 8ToGo partners providing delivery services or other services related with ordering or fulfilment of customer orders. In any case, personal customer’s information will be disclosed to third parties only with the consent of the customer. In all other cases, customer’s information will be disclosed to third parties only in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. By signing up on 8ToGoO shop and ordering items, the customer undertakes to keep private and not to disclose his login details. The customer also confirms that he is an adult and has the right to order products on 8ToGo shop. Should the customer disclose his login details, 8ToGo assumes no liability.

4. By reading the rules the customer confirms that he has been informed that cookie files (files sent from the web server) will be stored in his computer when browsing on 8ToGo shop.

5. 8ToGo confirms that it seeks to use the most advanced technologies for protection of the customers' personal data.

III. Ordering procedure and conditions

1. Customers must choose items on the shop website, and the shopping cart will be formed based on this choice.

2. After preparing the shopping cart, the customer must indicate his details necessary for the delivery of items: Full name, address for delivery, telephone and additional information that may be important in delivering the ordered items. 8ToGo confirms that customer’s details will be used exclusively for the sale and delivery of items without violating the requirements for protection of personal data specified in the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. The customer has the option to choose to receive the items by courier at a delivery transfer fee in Lithuania or collect them without additional charge at 8ToGo shop.

4. Next, the customer has to choose one of the payment options in 8ToGo shop (read more in section IV of the rules).

5. Before confirming his details, the customer must verify they are correct and consistent with his wishes. The customer can correct wrong details before placing his order to 8ToGo. The customer can confirm his order only after he checks that he has read and agrees with the rules of 8ToGo shop. The customer is not familiar with the shop rules before choosing items, he must do so before confirming his order and order details.

6. When the customer confirms his order, it is sent to 8ToGo. The order is deemed to be submitted from the moment it is received by 8ToGo. It is also assumed that the customer and 8ToGo have signed the contract. However, such contracts must be executed only from the moment when 8ToGo receives a confirmation from the customer's bank about payment for the items delivered.

7. After the customer places the order, the 8ToGo system will automatically send him an email indicating the ordered items and the customer’s details.

8. When 8ToGo receives the notification from the bank that the customer has made a payment for his ordered items, the customer will receive a confirmation at his e-mail address. The moment of receipt of the bank’s confirmation is the moment of starting the contract between the customer and 8ToGo.

9. The customer’s order shall be kept in the database of 8ToGo in accordance with legal requirements for such data retention period according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

10. In all cases, it shall be assumed that by placing the order the customer is familiar and unconditionally agrees with all 8ToGo shop rules, and all other conditions specified in the order.

11. The contract shall be construed and executed in the Lithuanian language.

IV. Warranty and item pricing

1. Characteristics of each item are indicated at each item on 8ToGo shop.

2. 8ToGo specifies and the customer confirms that he is aware that the colour, shape or other parameters of items indicated in the shop may not correspond to the actual colour, shape or other parameters because of the monitor features. Also, the shape and appearance of packaging of items may be different than indicated in images on 8ToGo shop.

3. The customer agrees to pay the price indicated in the order for his ordered goods in the shop.

4. Prices in the shop and in the order are indicated in euro including VAT.

5. 8ToGo sells items that meet the conditions laid down in the order. If the goods sold to the customer do not meet certain parameters of the order, the customer must first notify 8ToGo by phone and 8ToGo and dates to take all actions to rectify the defects, if defects were caused by 8ToGo or by third parties acting on behalf of the shop. If 8ToGo does not rectify the defects within the reasonable time agreed with the customer, the customer shall have the right to defend his violated rights in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

6. Obligations of 8ToGo in respect of items: 6.1. 8ToGo is committed to transfer the items of good quality and meeting the requirements of the order. 6.2. 8ToGo in all cases shall deliver to the customer the range of items meeting the criteria laid down in the order. 6.3. The items are delivered packaged depending to their nature, so that the items are suitable for their intended use.

V. Payment procedure and terms

1. The customer must pay for his ordered items in one of the ways available in 8ToGo shop: via the internet banking (Swedbank, SEB, DNB, Nordea, Šiaulių bankas, Medicinos bankas, Citadele, Danske), by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron) or by transfer to the bank account 8ToGo.

2. The Customer undertakes to pay for the ordered items immediately, otherwise he loses the right to make claims on untimely delivery of orders because the parcels are prepared according to customer’s orders only when 8ToGo receives a payment for the items.

VI. Returns and exchanges of items

1. The customer can exchange the items are received from 8ToGo with other items available in the electronic shop using the discount equal to the value of replaceable items, or return the items he dislikes.

2. The customer can exercise this right within 120 days from the delivery of items to him (starting from the moment when the customer or other person entitled to receive the items signs he sheet of receipt). This customer's right can be exercised if the customer is not satisfied with the size, shape, colour, pattern of the items or their completeness.

3. Items can be replaced or returned only if the returned items meet the following requirements: a) have not been used; b) have not been damaged; c) usability properties of items are preserved; d) the items have not lost merchandise appearance; e) returned items are undamaged and delivered in the original packaging; f) items have original labels (protective films, etc.).

Packaging changes that are necessary for inspecting the item are not treated as essential damage or loss of merchantable quality. In all cases, the items must be returned in their original packaging. When returning the items, in all cases the customer must submit the item acquisition documents to 8ToGo.

4. Replacement and refund rules of items (official Gazette, 07.07.2001, No: 58, Publ. No 2105) determines the list of items which are not subject to customer claims or requirements of return or replacement, including sewn men's, boys ', women's or girls' underwear, night gowns, pyjamas and the like.

5. To return the item, the customer has to complete the items return/replacement act and follow its rules.

6. Items may be replaced or returned only if they comply with the requirements laid down in paragraph 3 of the rules.

7. When items are replaced with goods of a different size, colour or model, the customer is sent by e-mail the discount code equal to the cost of the returned items. The discount code can be used for other order on shop.

8. Refund amount for the returned items is returned no later than in 5 working days after the agreement on the refund of money. Delivery fee is not refundable.

VII. Delivery of items

1. 8ToGo is committed to deliver the items to the customer within the period specified in the item page, which ranges from 3-5 days, when the item is available in stock, and up to 30 days when the items are not in stock and have to be made according to individual order. Delivery price in Lithuania is LTL 10 for the shipment. The customers are informed about the preliminary time of delivery availability of items in stock when placing the order. At the same time, the customer agrees that in exceptional cases, the delivery may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, 8ToGo is committed to immediately contact the customer and make arrangements about delivery issues.

2. When ordering the items, the customer undertakes to specify the place of delivery and the person who will collect the items.

3. If the person indicated by the customer who will collect the items is unable to do so, and the goods are delivered at the specified address and comply with other details provided by the customer, the customer shall have no right to make claims to 8ToGo on delivery of items to a wrong person.

4. Items ordered on 8 To Go online shop are delivered by authorized courier services. When the customer is unable to accept the items, he undertakes to notify immediately by phone +370 612 19189 or by e-mail

5. 8ToGo in all cases shall be exempted from liability for breach of terms of delivery, if the items are not delivered to the customer not delivered in time with the fault of the customer or due to the circumstances within the control of the customer.

6. The customer must immediately inform 8ToGo by e-mail if the shipment is delivered in damage, crumpled or otherwise destroyed package; as well as in cases where the consignment contains items not ordered or wrong amount of items, incomplete set of items, items of incorrect size, dimensions.

7. In all cases, if the couriers deliver a package to the customer which is crumpled, wet or otherwise externally damaged, the customer must state this in the courier’s shipment delivery confirmation (to write remarks) or write a separate report of such shortcomings. This customer must do this in the presence of the courier. If such actions are not performed, 8ToGo shall not be liable to the customer for damage of items if items were damaged due to the damage of packaging which was not indicated by the customer upon shipment delivery confirmation.

8. In cases where after the acceptance of items the customer notices that the package does not contain the proper set of items or the items are not of the right size, colour or other dimensions, the customer must immediately inform 8ToGo.

VIII. Other provisions

1. All notices to 8ToGo most be provided by phone +370 612 19189 or e-mail to

2. The contract is concluded, implemented and all communication between the customer and 8ToGo is conducted in the state language.

3. The customer has the right, upon entering in to the contract, to withdraw from the contract within 7 days without any additional conditions and without the obligation to indicate reasons for withdrawal. This period starts on the moment when the items are transferred to the customer according to the contract (order).

4. The customer can exercise this opportunity only if the item (item) is not damaged or its appearance is not substantially changed, and the items were not used (packaging changes necessary to examine the item are not considered essential changes).

5. 8ToGo, no later than in 14 days after the receipt of the customer's notice of withdrawal from the contract, undertakes to perform necessary actions to restore the situation to the situation that existed before the conclusion of the contract.

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